AGAiT (ASUS) E-Clean EC01 Enhanced (White)

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The Asus Agait E-Clean EC01 Enhanced Robot Vacuum is a smart cleaning robot that can sweep and vacuum. It can handle almost all varieties of floor surfaces: carpet, hardwood, and tile. The timer setting allows you to set the cleaning schedule whenever you want, even if you are not at home. After a busy day of hard work, you’ll return to a clean, neat, and sweet-smelling home. In comparison with other robotic vacuum cleaners, its built-in UV (Ultra-violet) light can kill bacteria and germs while cleaning.

Customer can also use the special fragrance compartment to deodorize and to freshen with the preferred fragrance. EClean needs to be re-charged after 60 to 80 minutes of operation. This time period is enough to clean a very large room (One single charge will clean about 400 square feet area). It finds its own charging station automatically and only takes 2-3 hours for a full recharge. This vacuum is small enough to go under beds and other furniture where upright vacuums can’t reach. It has five pre-programmed cleaning patterns: Spiral, Random, Along Wall, S Shape, and Polygonal Spiral. This vacuum can be scheduled on demand. The EC01 has an Eco-friendly Battery and Anti-Drop Sensors come standard.

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