AGAiT (ASUS) E-Clean EC02 (Champagne)

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Last CLEARANCE unit!

NOTE: Only recommended for hardwood and tile, not recommended for carpet.

The Asus Agait E-Clean EC02 Robot Vacuum is a smart cleaning robot that can sweep and vacuum. It can handle almost all types of floor surfaces: carpet, hardwood, and tile. With patented innovation that employs 5 to 8 time higher vacuuming power than other robot cleaners, it can complete the cleaning thoroughly and effectively. The timer setting allows you to set the cleaning schedule whenever you want, even if you are not at home. After a busy day of hard work, you’ll return to a clean, neat, and sweet-smelling home. Besides vacuuming power, this patented vacuuming technology has the additional benefit of being very quiet when running.

It’s exclusive Li-PB high-capacity (2500mAh) Battery can be used for up to 90 minutes on a full charge. It is also safer and environmentally friendlier than other types of battery. When any obstacle is detected, the robot will automatically slow down (1/5 of the original speed) at a distance of 5 cm. When it detects dirty or dusty conditions, it automatically increases the suction power and start ‘Spiral Mode’ until the area is completely cleaned up. In comparison with other robotic vacuum cleaners, its built-in UV (Ultra-violet) light can kill bacteria and germs while cleaning. Its infrared Remote control has more than 3 meters range.

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