IMU Analog Comba Board – 5 Degrees of Freedon (IDG500/ADXL335)

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This Inertia Measurement Unit Combo Board incorporates the IDG500 dual-axis gyroscope and Analog Devices triple axis ADXL335 accelerometer in a tight footprint. The IMU board uses a standard 0.1″ footprint and includes all outputs from both the IDG500 gyro and ADXL335 accelerometer ICs.

This IMU 5DOF is the latest in a long line of development boards. This latest version allows an unheard of 5 axes of sensing (Roll, Pitch, X, Y, Z) in less than 1 square inch, and under 2 grams! By combining the IDG500 and ADXL335 sensors, the IMU board enables students and hobbyists to easily incorporate roll, pitch, and tilt measurements into their projects or robots.

This latest revision replaces the voltage regulator with a new 2.8V part and routes the RAW voltage input through the regulator. This should correct any power bugs that were present in the last revision. Also, by popular demand, we’ve moved the 4-pin header onto the grid to make the board more breadboard friendly.


  • Full Scale Gyro Range: 500°/s
  • Full Accelerometer Range: +/-3g
  • On-Board Voltage Regulation
  • Input Voltage: 3-16V
  • Analog Output
  • Breadboard Friendly

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