iRobot Scooba 380 Floor Washing Robot

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The iRobot Scooba Floor Washing Robot is an innovative and easy-to-use domestic robot that will change the way you clean hard floors. Make mopping a distant memory. With the Scooba Robot Cleaner , you will never have to touch a dirty mop and bucket again.

Scooba removes up to 98%* of common household bacteria so floors get reliably clean with the touch of a button. The Scooba 380 cleans up to 850 square feet or 3-4 rooms on a single battery charge. It navigates throughout each room using a powerful 4-stage cleaning system to prep, wash, scrub and squeegee sealed hardwood, tile and linoleum floors. Scooba uses only clean solution (tap water, water and vinegar or new Scooba Hard Floor Cleaner, Natural Enzyme Formula) to wash floors. It even cleans beneath cabinet edges, tables, chairs and other hard-to-reach places. The two included Virtual Walls mark off-limit areas. Also includes charging base and storage mat.

Scooba alternates between spiralling, wall following, and room crossing, so on average will pass over the same area of the floor 5 times! To ensure a thorough clean Scooba squeegees up dirty water, debris and germs.

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