SparkFun Soldering Iron Variable Temperature 50W

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We know you’ve always dreamed of having a SparkFun branded soldering iron. And here at SparkFun, we are all about making wishes come true. This is a great step up from the basic soldering stations from Radio Shack or wherever you picked up a cheap iron because your last one broke right in the middle of a project.

Unit includes 110V base station, iron, iron holder, and brass sponge. We can’t say enough good things about this iron – set the iron temp to 350C and forget it. It’s the iron that we recommend to our friends who’ve been bitten by the electronics bug. It’s just a workhorse!

The unit takes around 20 seconds to heat up. We are now shipping the irons with a brass sponge so you don’t have to wet anything. Just wipe the tip across the brass sponge and you’re good to go!

The red LED on the front will be constantly on while the iron is heating up. Then the LED will start to pulse slowly (on for around three seconds, off for around three seconds, repeat). This LED indicates that the iron has reached and is maintaining a constant temperature (also called a control loop or feedback loop).


  • Lead-free capable
  • Temperature adjustable from 220-480°C (428-896°F)
  • Includes 900M tip
  • 50W Iron
  • SparkFun Logo!

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