Wolfson Audio Card (for Raspberry Pi Only)

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The Wolfson High Definition Audio Card enables the play back and recording of high defintion audio audio files on the Raspberry Pi, in addition to introducing a range of audio connectors! The card brings both line-in, line-out headphone and headset support, on-board stereo microphones, and digital audio S/PDIF functionality onto the Raspberry Pi. The wolfson audio card features stereo line and line out ports to connect your Raspberry Pi to your sound system for high defintion,24-bit audio playback or recording using any of the microphones of line-in ports. It features an on-board class D power amplifier for external speakers, with a barrel connector for external power, and even features a small pin header for extra functionality.

Please Note. The Wolfson Audio Card is only compatible with Raspberry Pis which feature the P5 pads, which can be found on Rev. 2 Raspberry Pi’s onwards.

The Wolfson High Definition Raspberry Pi Audio Card Features:

  • Capable of rendering HD Audio, at 24-bit, 192kHz
  • 3.5mm 4-pole jack for a headset/boom mic combination for gaming or VoIP applications
  • Two DMIC microphones onboard for stereo recording
  • 3.5 mm jack Stereo Line Output for connection to devices such as external stereo amplifiers or powered speakers
  • 3.5mm jack for Stereo Line Input for high quality audio recording or capture
  • S/PDIF input and output
  • On-board class D power amplifier for external speakers. An auxiliary power input is provided for this function.
  • High SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) for high quality playback and record


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