Yankee Candle Air Freshener for Roomba (Clean Cotton RoomAroma Refill Pack)

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Yankee Candle™ RoomAroma™ is a revolutionary new way for any Roomba™ to deliver your favorite Yankee Candle™ fragrance quickly and evenly throughout your home. Wherever Roomba™ goes, Yankee Candle™ fragrance is right behind it. This ingenious fragrance delivery system works with Roomba’s own fan to create an entire home experience. Simply attach the RoomAroma™ to the back of any Roomba™ and enjoy authentic Yankee Candle™ fragrance for a clean smelling home. The starter pack includes a fragrance cartridge holder, and two long lasting Yankee Candle™ fragrance cartridges. Each cartridge lasts over 30 days, giving you nearly 2 months of clean, fresh scent that can quickly be swapped or mixed-and-matched with other favorite Yankee Candle™ fragrances. Refills available in many Yankee Candle™ fragrances.

Cartidge holder required!

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